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At Revive Home & Garden we design, create, and maintain 

outdoor spaces that are functional and enjoyable.  


Our services are offered in a la carte manner, meaning we can help you create your outdoor space from start to finish or you can pick and choose which services will best suit your needs. 

Which ever services you choose, our purpose is always the same- to create outdoor spaces that encourage you to spend more time outdoors, to enrich your relationship with nature, and to provide you a social place to share and enjoy with your families, friends, and communities.           


Landscape Design is the foundation of the work that we do.   With a solid foundation we are able to create your outdoor space simply and effectively adding functionality and enjoyment to your life. 


We will meet with you at your property to preform a site assessment to discuss and determine your unique style and purpose for your outdoor space.  


Your style may be formal, whimsical, coastal, cottage, farmhouse, etc.  


The purpose of your outdoor space may be to entertain guests or customers, to enhance curb appeal for enjoyment or value, to relax and unwind, to create a play area for children and/or pets, to minimize maintenance or to plant gardens for many reasons including growing your own food, conservation, education, therapy, and esthetics.  

We provide design renderings to show you what your outdoor space will look like before we begin to create it.


Once your design is complete, we use it to create a space that reflects and supports your lifestyle, nature, and your guests.

Prepping Your Site

With the whole space in mind, we begin by prepping the site.  This could include the removal or relocation of garden plants, trees or grass giving us a clean slate to begin installing the hard and soft elements of your outdoor space.  



We begin with the installation of the hard elements of your landscape which could include decks, patios, walkways, pergolas, gazebos, arbors, trellises, benches, sunrooms, sheds, greenhouses etc...

Then we install the soft natural elements including planting gardens, planters and water features.



We provide ongoing horticultural support to our clients​ including the planting of seasonal planters and garden beds, weeding, pruning, watering and mulching. 

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